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scuba diving

Freeport scuba diving

Freeport scuba diving is the best

If your idea of a holiday involves sun and sea and a little adventure, then a Freeport Bahamas vacation which includes Freeport Bahamas scuba diving is for you.

With the help of a specialized travel agency (like our partner sites), all you have to do is sit back, relax and choose from a variety of activities, which include plenty of water sports, like Freeport Bahamas scuba diving, snorkeling or sailing. 

When Freeport Bahamas scuba diving you will benefit of ships designed to take divers in safety and comfort, professionals to take care of you and of course, a wonderful marine world to discover.


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Freeport scuba diving advices

Freeport Bahamas scuba diving is on the list of things to do on a Freeport Bahamas vacation, and for good reason. Freeport Bahamas scuba diving is as varied as the personality of the place you dive.  And you don’t have to be an expert to experience it.

If you aren't a certified scuba diver, you can find Freeport Bahamas scuba diving lessons and gear during your adventure vacation, for your entire family. Yes, even the kids can learn Freeport Bahamas scuba diving in total safety with experienced guides.

You can have a great time exploring the depths and their mysterious and exciting ecosystem.



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Freeport scuba diving - a reason for your vacation

Grand Bahama, like the rest of the Bahama Islands, is a scuba diving heaven. Intricate coral reefs, steep drop offs, famous wrecks, and underwater caves offer dive experiences for every skill level. The most famous dive around Grand Bahama is Theo's Wreck. This 230-foot Norwegian freighter was sunk intentionally in 1982. She rests in 100 feet of water, and is a popular habitat for all sorts of sea life. Novice divers and snorkelers alike will love Pillar Castle. This dive site has coral formations that are shaped like castles, and rays, eels, and small nurse sharks are frequent visitors. For a heart-pumping dive experience, let one of the knowledgeable dive operators take you on a Shark Dive. This is a well orchestrated and professionally staffed dive that involves a minimum number of guests, a shark feeder, safety divers and videographer. The professionals feed the sharks while the guest divers watch!


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In the link section, you can check more links to our travel website network as well as to other third party specialized websites as or which we suggest you to visit if are you planning a trip to Freeport Bahamas.


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