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Freeport diving

Freeport diving - a top experience

Freeport Bahamas offer a vast array of dive experiences like no other destination in the world. There is a rare aquatic world, teeming with marine life to be discovered when Freeport Bahamas diving.

Beginners and experts are welcome. It’s not even as difficult as you may think. Lessons and guides for Freeport Bahamas diving can be found throughout the place along with the possibility to practice other water sports you might be interested in. So, if you’re interested in Freeport Bahamas diving, check our partner sites which can provide you much useful information and great deals on the every detail of Freeport Bahamas diving.


diving ads

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Freeport diving - total immersion

Freeport Bahamas presents a variety of Freeport Bahamas diving experiences. Freeport Bahamas diving is so popular because it has all the right ingredients for divers and snorkelers, clear water, abundant sea life and a special underwater landscape.

Total immersion is the best way to appreciate the remarkable sea life and its distinctive tranquility and appeal.

Learning to dive is a unique experience unto itself, but after you know how, you'll definitely enjoy distinctive feeling of Freeport Bahamas diving that allows enthusiasts to see creatures they could never meet any other way. 



Other about Freeport  

Freeport diving - enjoy distinctive feeling

Elaborate coral gardens, playful dolphins, and beckoning blue holes -- these are images of the "other" Grand Bahama, ones that live beneath that shimmering, impossibly blue surface that sprawls outwards from the beaches. The island's reputation as a diver's paradise has been growing ever since the earliest episodes of "Sea Hunt" were filmed here, yet oddly enough, the majority of visitors barely enter this magical world, preferring instead to hole themselves up in a casino or laze recumbent on a beach. Those newcomers who do throw on tanks and head out on a dive boat are almost always enthralled by what they find, namely some of the most unique dive sites and situations in the world. For one, Grand Bahama Island is the only place you can be guaranteed to dive with dolphins in the wild. This is done through the Underwater Explorers' Society's (UNEXSO) "Dolphin Dive" program, in which resident dolphins rendezvous with divers at a reef about a mile off shore. Many people wait their whole lives to get close to a dolphin in the wild before learning that they can swim with them right here on Grand Bahama Island. If you want to dive with sharks, there are also two highly rated feeding programs, one with UNEXSO and another with Xanadu Undersea Adventures. In both programs, an experienced shark feeder clad in chain mail hands offer fish to a swirling group of Caribbean reef sharks. As anyone who's done this dive will tell you, it makes an outstanding photo.


Freeport Vacations site

Our company is running one of the largest pc and mobile travel website networks, covering top hotel, vacation package, airline ticket, beach, cruise, all inclusive and honeymoon destinations worldwide.

We will also run a travel blog portal which centralises the blogs posted by our visitors on all of our websites and which represents one of the world's best travel information resources, totally build by people such as yourself.

In the link section, you can check more links to our travel website network as well as to other third party specialized websites as or which we suggest you to visit if are you planning a trip to Freeport Bahamas.


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